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Welcome to
Medicalpilates Soulwellness Academy!

I have created 6 Modules for the entire Pilates Certification Program.

Total Pilates Comprehensive teacher-training in 745 hours is designed to inspire, teach and build your new prospective,  knowledge of body movement, and make you the responsable  and competent Pilates Practitioner.

Each Module is independent module and you can choose whether you like to study Matwork and get Certification just for Matwork Pilates, or you like more Reformer and you would like to study it and become the Pilates Reformer Certified Teacher. 

The Module 1 is a very important Module which summarizes many crucial subjects in biomecanics, physiology, well-being, whole body and their systems engagement,  Pilates history, biography, special people, and pathologies.

Therefore, it is mandatory to participate on Module 1. 

The certification teacher-training program is created for you with Passion and Experience of 30 years.

Certification Program Online/In-person:

  1. One to One
  2.  Small groups 2-3 students
  3. Standard groups 4-10 students


Soon YOU START, SOONER YOU WILL  achieve your new goals!

You can follow the courses Online and in person:

 Module 1 (MPSW Ouverture), Module 2 (MPSW Matwork), Module 3 (MPSW Reformer), Module 4 (MPSW Cadillac-Trapeze Table/Tower), Module 5 (MPSW Chair), and Module 6 (MPSW Ladder Barrel & Props). 

Courses In-person are available in Piacenza, at Fitness Boutique Piacenza owned by our educator   Paola Miretta (BA, CPT, RYT)

Our Milano location is operative for one to one and small groups of maximum 3 people with our Educator Stefania Veronesi (BA, CPT, DI).

We have also one complementary Anatomy course in 4 modules 4 hours each, created and conducted by Davide Pini (DPT, DO, MSc). Save the dates 14th Oct, 18th Nov, 10th Feb 2024, 9th March 2024. APPLY NOW! 

I’m present at each course for a necessary time frame, connected with you online  and in person upon scheduled appointments. 

All of us together speak English, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese, and German, and maybe some more languages soon. We already have Serbian, Palestinian, Italian and Syrian students and therefore preparing to know Arabic language too. 

MPSW Academy is planning to create more locations, especially in the developing countries, countries where the economic and war crisis affected populations and its growth, health and wellbeing. We believe that through the Pilates method by Medicalpilates Soulwellness Academy we can help the entire communities to be healthier and happier.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for the scholarship. I’m (Mirjana) here for you. 

We (Stefania, Paola, Davide) are open and available to reach you in your city too.

Join us and discover an amazing way of teaching Pilates method and much more about Compassion, Gratitude and Vision. 

With love,

Mirjana Ilic, DPT, NCPT, PGD, PMA Member and the Ideator of the  Medicalpilates Soulwellness approach and Academy,  CEO Clinic and Pilates Studio in Milan (Italy).

Direct Contact via WhatsApp +393356069047 for preliminary Scholarship and Course Admission requirements. 

Creating the Educational Pilates Certification Program is very inspiring and exciting.

To make it complete, full and almost authentic,  we asked the help from our favorite Pilates Equipment Company,  Body and Exercise Pilates.

Here is the link and please discover many innovative body exercise equipment:




Why Medicalpilates Soulwellness Academy?


Spine Corrector – Pilates Swan

My background as a Doctor in Physical Therapy, NCPT and passionate in a movement techniques and  kinesitherapy as a tool for rehabilitation, recovery, and  improvement of the human body ability and functionality,  made me connect with the Pilates Method. This is why the  name Medicalpilates. 

And, not only the physical body was benefiting from this system of exercises and teaching style, but the emotional body, the soul too.  From here the name Soulwellness.

Medicalpilates Soulwellness Academy
Pilates Certification teacher-training courses are open for health and wellness professionals. 

About Academy

Hi, we are Medicalpilates Soulwelness Academy. Join Us!

The system of physical exercises utilising the Pilates method as a fundamental source that strength the body, balance the systems and bring the inner peace.  

MPSW academy provides the great Pilates Certification programs for Wellness, Prevention and Rehabilitation 

What my students say

Grazie per i tuoi insegnamenti, non solo didattici ma di vita. Paoletta Miretta Titolare Fitness Boutique a Piacenza
Mirjana sara’ sempre il mio modello ideale, per come riesce a fondere mente-corpo, per il benessere che trasmette a chiunque le stia accanto, per l’ambiente accogliente e sereno che ha saputo creare con Medicalpilates! Lei è solarità, è gioia, è sicurezza, è serenità, è ospitalità, è serietà, è la capacità di rendere il Pilates naturale e piacevole come l’aria pura che si respira nel suo studio. Grazie Mirjana, per tutto ciò che mi hai insegnato, per la fiducia che mi hai saputo infondere, per ogni tuo sorriso!
Silvia Buttignon 
Maestra Mirjana - Ho avuto il piacere di essere sua allieva nella formazione di Polestar Pilates nel lontano 2013/2014. Inizialmente ero molto scettica su alcuni argomenti che nel momento sembravano di sfuggire il tema al momento, e oggi gestendo mio Studio capisco ogni cose che lei ci ha provato insegnare al di là degli specifici esercizi!!! Grazie di tutto!!! Grande Maestra!!!
Nivea Morais
Titolare Studio Personal Pilates a Funo di Argelato (BO)
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